Best sites to watch cartoon For Free Online

If you are feeling bored and looking for some entertainment then cartoon can be one of the solutions for it. Cartoons are mostly preferred by the children and teenagers. They find it more entertaining the movies so most of the children never say “No” when asked if they like to watch cartoons online or not.

As the popularity of cartoons is increasing day by day, the cartoon industries come with the new exciting programs or episodes every day. Most of them can be seen on various TV programs. But what if you are far from the TV and still want to see the cartoons? Then you have only one option to watch them online.

Today there are many websites in which you can easily watch your favorite cartoons online. Some of the best websites are listed down:-

ToonJet (

This site is the best for those people who loves the classic cartoon. You can watch the episodes without needing to sign in to the site. However if have created the account on this site then you will be able to rate and make a comment in the cartoons you have watched. The most popular cartoons in this sites are Looney tunes, Casper, Superman, Merrie Melodies and Tom and Jerry. What makes this entertaining site more popular is that you can watch them for free of cost.

Netflix (

Netflix site has different types of cartoon shows in Netflix which are available for all the children of different ages. Here you can search for the cartoons according to different age group and it also lets you make a profile depending on children’s age. This is how the site is different from others and it is always helpful to prevent the children from inappropriate programs for their age group.

Anime Center (

In this website, you can watch the anime cartoons for free of cost. The site is very popular for the features like high-quality videos and dubbed movies which help the viewer from different parts of the world to understand the show easily. As you open the site, the latest episodes can be seen in the home page. Likewise, you can also pre-view the upcoming episodes.

The viewer is provided with the chat box at the bottom side of the page which can be used for chatting with other viewers.

Hulu (

Hulu is one of another popular site which offers the service to watch the cartoons online for free. However, the disappointing side of this high-quality cartoon video service is that the site is not available all around the world. If it is not available in your place then you will need to use the VPN. 

Nick Toons (

In this site too, you do not have to make any payment for watching the cartoons. You can watch the cartoons available in Nick such as Jimmy neutron, Spongebob quarepants, Avatar and many others without any disturbance. Note that this site includes Nick Cartoons only.

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